System integration

A website should never be a standalone, isolated channel for online marketing

Even a simple online brochure to promote products and services will, ideally, connect with your customer relationship management system (CRM).  It sounds great in an ideal world but in reality many organisations have grown their systems over time and gradually added new software as and when needed.  The result has led to a confused mix of incompatible and inefficient solutions holding vast amounts of duplicate data.
But that’s where we come in to our own; with our level of technical expertise and knowledge of our partner’s technology, we’re able to create connections that allow all of your systems and digital channels to talk to one another with updates being centrally managed. Integrating technology and channels in this way ensures you deliver the seamless experience your customers demand, allowing them to continue conversations over different channels without losing context.

Overall we’ll deliver complete system integration that:

  • Allows for a centralised workstation without the need to update multiple computer systems thereby ensuring a simplified and easy to manage process
  • Allows employees to access and share real time data without the risk of duplication errors
  • Improves communication with no mismatch of data between departments
  • Improves customer journey maximising the latest in personalisation and marketing automation
  • Saves staff time and money while improving productivity
  • Allows customers to use the best channel suited to them thereby making it quicker and easier for them to get things done

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