Nottingham Trent University

An early project that saw us implement Percussion Rhythmyx CMS

The implementation of Percussion Rhythmyx CMS for Nottingham Trent University was one of our first projects in the sector and we were set a challenge from the start - to migrate the content with the most "churn" within 8 weeks and incorporate a new design. As if that weren't enough, the branding changed part way through but we still managed to rise to the challenge and, working closely with the internal team, went on to deliver a complete site migration to the new CMS.

As with other projects in this sector, integration with other systems was required to deliver a holistic solution, including Lightbox for digital asset management and the internal systems for course information and student enrollment. 

Having completed a comprehensive training programme, Nottingham Trenet University became largely self-sufficient and have subsequently migrated to a new CMS whilst introducing a new website design.