Business to Business Exhibitions Limited

Capturing and profiling individual and company profiles in a new bespoke solution

Back in 2003 we worked with Business To Business Exhibitions to successfully create a bespoke solution that allowed them to optimise online registration to their events capturing profiles of individuals and organisations.

Business To Business Exhibitions (B2B) runs large events each year- mainly in Great Britain. The main type of event is the ‘Meet The Buyer’ Event where Buyers either for a particular region or vertical market gathers to meet sellers in ten-minute pre-arranged appointments. Due to an increasing number and scale of these events, it became obvious to the Directors at B2B that an enterprise wide system was needed to run each part of their business as great benefits could be enjoyed. 

We successfully built a bespoke solution that included easy event registration on the website, the integration of our eMarketing tool which allowed for profiles to be used for marketing purposes and the development and integration of a booking system unique to B2B.