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At Unified Digital Solutions, we believe the websites we build should serve the needs of your customers – just as much as your own. Our business, creative and technical knowledge and expertise will deliver against your digital requirements whilst always remaining firmly focused on the user.

Defining who the 'user' is and what their need might be from the new website is what the first phase of our InSite methodology – Discovery – is all about. We review your existing website analytics and conduct research with internal and external stakeholders to get a picture of what current visitors are looking for, building up a detailed understanding of their online perceptions, motivations and behaviour.

We then run workshops to build up a series of customer personas, each with distinct goals and objectives – including those accessing via different channels and from mobile devices. We carefully evaluate your content and define a new navigation structure that we test using online research tools in physical and virtual focus groups. By the end of this we start to visualise the content and the functionality the new solution will require.

The result is the foundation for a truly customer centric website or intranet solution. 


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