Turning website designs into working solutions

Our development team take on the responsibility of turning designs into a working solution; a software discipline that demands not only technical excellence in C#.NET and a whole host of technologies including our partner Content Management and Customer Experience Systems, but also a wide range of customer focused softer skills.

Throughout the Discovery and Prototyping phases of our InSite methodology, our team have been listening to your requirements and balancing how they get implemented against the most efficient ways of working with the technologies involved. Our developers continue and extend this as the various functions of the solution are built.  Our goal is to make the process of administration and content editing as simple and streamlined as possible; we suggest novel approaches throughout the build process and involve you in walkthroughs and discussions wherever there are options and alternatives. Of course, all the while monitoring progress against the project plan ensuring everything is delivered on time, meets your requirements and to the highest quality.

Our developers love interacting with our customers forming long-term relationships of openness and trust and our customers really enjoy working with them and jointly developing solutions that really deliver.

Checking the 'What if's' with methodical testing

Regardless of how complex the project may be every solution needs to be tested to ensure that the planned for user journeys work when the behaviour is as expected, and as importantly, when the unexpected happens; either because of what the user does or doesn’t do or as a result of environmental factors.

Most of our website solutions involve integration with one or more third-party products such as payment providers, CRMs, finance packages, social network sites and bespoke customer systems; all or any of which may be unavailable when we need them.

Our approach to testing is based on a software discipline called eXploratory Based Testing Methodology (xBTM) that exploits the experience of our team to ensure we catch any unexpected and unwanted behaviour before fully deploying the solution. 

We share testing results with you and support you through your own testing by giving you access to our support portal.


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