Mobile apps and responsive design

Mobile friendly websites boost conversion rates

In our modern landscape of as many devices as you can shake a stick at, each of different size, orientation, resolution and pixel density, a website simply has to be optimized for mobile if it is to be successful.  There are a number of ways to approach this situation – including building a completely separate website for mobiles, or creating a mobile app, but our option of choice is responsive design.

At Unified Solutions, we make sure the responsive site displays within the resolution and orientation of the device being used, with the usual expected mobile website navigation aids.  However - and importantly - it’s also about tuning the mobile experience to meet the needs of the audience; highlighting relevant and engaging content and dropping others.

We spend time working up a mobile persona defining information goals so that the mobile experience of your new site is the best it can be. We exploit the latest emerging standards and features available in our constantly upgraded browsers to make the user experience smooth and clear. Our focus on customer centric design means that each mobile user sees targeted, relevant, concise and engaging content meaning your website traffic and customer engagement is optimised.

Responsive design (or RWD, if acronyms are your thing), these days, is ubiquitous.  It’s an extremely common and widely celebrated approach to web design that ensures an optimal experience across a wide range of devices, using screen width as the most common characteristic by which to adjust layouts and reflow content.  It does this using fluid, proportion based layouts and CSS style rules, which in turn allows you to have a ‘one website for all’ solution and is generally much more cost effective than building a separate mobile app.  It is synonymous with modern web design and, in our opinion, is something your website cannot do without.

Alternatively there may be that there is a good case for a mobile app to be developed, in which case we're more than happy to work with you and decide whether this should be a native app, hybrid or simply using the responsive/adaptive site we've built for you.

And in certain instances, there may be a business case for both a responsive website and a mobile app, each with their own merits and benefits.

If you find yourself undecided about which option to choose, take a read of 'Why you need a mobile app as well as a responsive site'


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