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Today's savvy digital consumer expect their online experience to be interactive, engaging and relevant to them.  By personalising each experience you'll bring them closer to you making them feel of value while building loyalty.   But in order to offer a truly personalised experience it's vital all your back-end systems are connected - and herein lies one of the main operational challenges faced by many organisations today. Without ensuring your CRM, CMS and other back end systems are all connected it will be impossible to deliver personalised 'context based' content to individuals based on for example, their previous purchase behaviour or product preferences. 

So given the integration challenge involved in setting up personalisation - is it still worth it?

The simple answer is YES - and here's a few of our reasons why:

  • Personalisation improves customer engagement - it goes without saying that if you're delivering content that resonates with your website visitor, they're more likely to stay and carry out more activities
  • Targeting relevant, value driven content will generate a sense of individualism for the customer and ensure greater satisfaction
  • Tagging or categorising content will enable easier navigation for the user so relevant content appears as they immediately land on the site thereby negating the need to search deeper
  • Using captured data, automated and personalised emails can be sent to customers at a time when they're most receptive to it

Having created many dynamic and fully integrated websites for a number of clients over the past 20 years, we know only too well how challenging the integration of numerous systems into one centralised solution can be.  Luckily, we thrive on the challenge and have a level of technical experience that's second to none which is why we're proud to call ourselves experts in this field.  


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