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If part of your marketing strategy is to generate qualified leads, then you need to understand how to use lead nurturing and scoring effectively. Qualfied leads in their broadest sense can be applied to a range of organisations, not just pure B2B or B2C commerce. The aim of lead scoring is to pass through potential customers who have shown a certain degree of engagement with your brand, services or products you offer, known as "hot leads". However you deal with this type of lead is of course down to your particular organisation, but at least you know you'll be investing time and money pursuing those who are genuinely interested. Industry studies have shown that between 25-30% of leads fall into this genuinely interested category, so you don't want to treat all leads as equal. 

Lead nurturing on the other hand allows you to cost-effectively build warm leads up to a point where they become hot leads and are ready to make a purchaing decision. According to Forrester Research, organisations that adopt lead nurturing fully generate 50% more sales ready leads and at a lower cost (approximately 33% less). 

Nurturing your leads also allows you to build up your profile and position as the authority on the particular product/service you offer or, for example in the charity sector to clearly demonstrate how donations are spent to cost-effectively achieve the charitable objectives. 

Working with our partner's sophisticated CMS technology we'll ensure you fully maximise their lead scoring modules allowing you to automatically qualify leads passing only 'valuable' ones to your sales team while managing the nurturing process.


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