Sitecore Web Experience Manager

Manage your website your way

Sitecore's Web Experience Manager helps deliver a unique experience for every customer. You can manage and customise your own content while the system takes care of the way it's displayed. Content can be maintained in a number of languages and edited without the need for complex coding.  With Sitecore's Web Experience Manager, your website will be at the heart of the customer experience and as it integrates with all of Sitecore's other channels you can engage on a personal level via email, mobile, commerce, social and print - seamlessly.

Key features:

  • Edit web content without the need for complex coding
  • Create and optimise forms that convert customers
  • Deliver personalised content in real time and capture customers attention when they're most receptive
  • Manage data assets all in one place
  • Ensure content consistency is presented across all sites
  • Optimised site for search
  • Gain valuable insights from a totally connected user experience

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