Sitecore Customer Experience Platform

Deliver a seamless online experience

Gaining and retaining customer loyalty is a difficult task; in order to stay competitive, encourage advocacy and take advantage of growth opportunities,  managing the customer experience is a must for every organisation, large or small.

With Sitecore's Customer Experience Platform (CEP) you can fully manage your customers' experience from start to finish, creating relevant and valuable conversations that engage, entertain and inform them, and because it's flexible and intuitive, Sitecore's CEP integrates seamlessly with your organisation and marketing requirements.

Key features:

  • Gain a single view of the customer; all data is stored in one location
  • Maximise on going conversations with customers on a one to one basis, incorporating email, social media and mobile via one platform
  • Co-ordinate, measure and monitor all customer communications
  • Discover new customer insights for future marketing campaigns
  • Offers strong analytics to enhance marketing spend
  • Provides built in web, email and social media channels

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