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Goal and campaign tracking has never been so easy

Sitecore analytics is the reporting and tracking foundation for many of the more advanced features of Sitecore’s Customer Experience Platform (CEP).  Unlike other analytics tools that report aggregate data of all users, Sitecore analytics provides very granular data at the individual user level helping to generate new insights about how users interact with your site. Additionally, Sitecore analytics makes goal and campaign tracking simple to implement with your website.

Sitecore allows you to run robust A/B and multivariate testing on all aspects of the customer experience with an easy-to-use interface that requires no coding, tagging, or development work. So you never have to worry about inserting tracking tags again.

Sitecore's whitepaper examines what constitutes 'Marketing Gold'; helping marketers achieve the right road to profit; giving guidance on effective campaign measurement processes. It provides a comprehensive suite of platforms and tools to pinpoint marketing gold in digital programmes to accelerate buying cycles and drive revenue.


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