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An intranet is an important part of an organisation's internal communications, acting as a hub for resource sharing, connecting departments and employees.  When building an intranet it's important to consider:

  • Intranet goals and objectives, what do you want to achieve?
  • Defining the audience, will they be accessing by mobile? What tasks do they want to complete?
  • Creating a sitemap to visualise the site navigation ensuring each department is represented and destination pages are easy to locate
  • What are the key features you'd like to include? blogs, events calendar, discussion forum, intelligent search tool
  • Understanding permissions, roles, groups and sub groups - who will have access to which areas of the intranet?
  • Bringing the intranet to life using wire-frame designs
  • Personalising with dynamic content relevant to the visitor
  • Budget and time-scales - ensure the project stays within budget with realistic time-scales
  • Resource - who is going to manage day to day updates? Who will build the intranet (in- house or agency)
  • Measurements - as with a website, it's important to monitor interaction and measure response so the intranet can be continually refined

Sitecore's Intranet Solution is an easy, ready to use and ready to run portal. In just one week you can have a dynamic intranet that unites your workforce allowing them to share information and interact with each other.



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