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As a Microsoft partner of many, many years we naturally took a keen interest in the development of Azure in 2008 through to the comprehensive cloud hosting platform it is today, 

In particular, we noted the close collaboration between Sitecore and Microsoft to integrate Sitecore within the environment and have subsequently migrated customers from their hosting arrangements to Azure, providing a more resilient, scalable and cost-effective solution. 

We also benefit from being able to access personnel with the most experience of Azure and in particular the hosting of Sitecore with Azure and can offer a Microsoft funded Cloud Assessment to ensure a successful Azure onboarding. This assessment will provide a suggested optimal architecture, specify the SLA to be expected and elasticity gains, highlight potential risk areas and an estimate of running costs. 

As with our iomart hosting arrangement, Unified can also provide a fully managed service for Azure hosting, taking all the potential pain and worry out of the day to day running of your website(s) and chosen platform.