Software for turbo-charged lead generation

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As part of our on-going development, we’re delighted to announce that we’re now partners with B2B marketing experts, Lead Forensics. 

We first came across Lead Forensics when we started using their powerful lead generation solution as a way of understanding who had been visiting our website; even though we had good website traffic we had no way of knowing who our visitors were if they chose not to make contact.  It became obvious almost immediately that this solution would provide all the information we needed which we could act upon in real time.   The great thing is that it takes minutes to set up and can be easily integrated into your existing database and content management systems - providing you with a powerful marketing tool. And once up and running you can start using the simple dashboard to track and report online activities, fielding hot prospects to your sales team.
With this sophisticated software you’ll identify:

  • Who your visitors are
  • When they visited
  • Which keywords were used to find your site
  • What pages they looked at
  • What they searched for


Not only that, you can determine the business size, turnover, industry code and most importantly, how to make contact.