Kentico Personalisation

Personalise every experience with Kentico

Personalisation goes beyond simply sending an email to a customer with their name on it.  Today the power of personalisation is everywhere but delivering a truly personalised experience takes time and effort.   Using digital analytics, a wealth of customer information is identified allowing you to shape and personalise your content depending on your customer's online activity.

Kentico's Content Personalisation delivers the right content to the right person at the right time, based on individual browsing history. This built-in web module gives you the ability to view visited pages, most frequent users and allows you to create content that’s most relevant to each individual based on their interests. With the Plug-and-Play interface administrators and marketers can create new content and post it to their site.

In addition to discussing content personalisation, this white paper from Kentico also provides a useful checklist for online success including segmentation, lead scoring, analytics, email marketing, AB testing, contact management and marketing automation.