Kentico Marketing Automation

Personalise multi-channel automation

There's still an art to great marketing but in today's world, marketing also needs to adopt a scientific approach.   Messages still need to be creative and compelling, visuals need to be eye catching and content needs to be personalised and relevant to the customer.  The science of marketing automation brings together these elements allowing you to send drip and triggered campaigns to customers via email, mobile and social enabling you to streamline workflows, measure response and improve operational efficiency.    

Kentico's whitepaper on 'Marketing Automation for Success' offers a practical guide to engaging customers, creating sales ready leads and boosting revenue.  It provides a step by step guide of marketing automation in action offering real life examples.

Overall, Kentico's marketing automation functionality allows you to:

  • Align your sales and marketing efforts to generate a greater ROI
  • Nurture sales leads by delivering engaging content at just the right time
  • Create truly interactive campaigns based on customer activity
  • Create and modify campaigns using its drag and drop interface
  • Support the purchase process by delivering targeted content to customers, for example a triggered 'unfinished check-out' or white paper download reminder
  • Customise each step of the automation process using a 'visual designer'
  • Create personas and contact groups allowing you to send triggered communications when a particular activity is undertaken, for example completing an online form