Kentico Email Marketing

Engage customers with successful email campaigns

Email marketing is a great way of communicating with customers,  engaging them with personalised content sent at a time when they're most receptive to it.   It may sound easy but email marketers know it can be an unenviable task.  Huge amounts of time and resource is spent on understanding customer behaviour, segmenting customer groups accordingly and developing ‘personas’ based on information provided by data analytics.  Messages are then carefully crafted and tailored to spark an interest that will ultimately drive website traffic and boost sales leads.

Kentico's whitepaper on 'Email Marketing for Success' provides a practical guide to growing your customer base, nurturing leads and building trust throughout the purchase process.  It discusses the challenges faced by email marketers today, the attributes of A/B split testing and the benefits of Kentico's CMS in optimising email campaign ROI.

Overall, the built-in email marketing functions of Kentico EMS allows users to:

  • Easily set up, change and manage email marketing workflows and triggers
  • Use a Marketing Automation module together with Content Personalisation, Contact Management and Lead Scoring
  • Integrate marketing automation with
  • Manage and report on the current state of contacts within the email marketing workflow
  • Choose from dozens of pre-set activities, conditions, triggers and steps or easily add custom ones