Kentico Intranet & Collaboration Solution

Boost employee productivity

An intranet is an effective means of communication between employees and provides a useful tool for sharing information, data, documents, systems, emails and much more.  Like any great website, an intranet should follow the same criteria; be visually engaging, easy to navigate with clear goals that enable the user to source and find what they're looking for.

Kentico's Intranet and Collaboration Solution is an effective method of boosting employee productivity through either its 'out of the box' functionality or customised built solution.  Not only is it an open, multi-way communication vehicle it provides a gateway to business knowledge, management and strategy ensuring consistency and accuracy of information across the board.

Key Features:

  • Flexible platform for creating intranet sites
  • Fully customisable design and navigation
  • Document lifecycle management including work flows, versioning and permissions
  • Automatic email notification during work flow and versioning
  • News, blogs and events calendar
  • Employee directory
  • Content management, social networking and collaboration features included in Kentico CMS platform