Location based services

Communicate in real time with customers who use location-based services

Let’s be clear from the start here – we aren’t talking about Location-based marketing or Location-based apps such as Foursquare and EchoerApp, we’re offering additional functionality which allows your customer to easily find out more about your products and/or services using a map.

Since this way of working has become so ingrained and intuitive for mobile as well as desk-bound customers, we thought it was a natural extension of some of our early work on “Find your nearest”, created for customers such as Arthritis Research UK, the British Heart Foundation and The Children’s Society.

We’ve now taken this to another level, for example on the Ramblers website there’s an extensive Location-based service for members and non-members to locate the nearest walking Group that they can join, either based on their home location or perhaps on their holiday destination. Overlay maps are available using Bing, Bing Aerial, Bing Hybrid, Open Streetmap, Ordnance Survey to suit the visitor’s preferences.

By linking this into mobile applications, we can also offer a great opportunity to proactively target potential and existing customers of your organisation by using the location to serve up personalised content.


Arthritis Research UK

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British Heart Foundation

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