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Creating a positive User Experience (UX) is a fundamental component of the website design and development process.  It's what turns a new website visitor into a loyal, returning customer who refers you on.

As a website agency we're often asked by our clients to distinguish between the 'User' and 'Customer' experience - and yes there is a difference.  In our blog 'Understanding the difference between the user and customer experience' we take a look at this in more detail; the key takeaway is that to ensure complete customer satisfaction, their exposure to your brand from start to finish, including both online and offline interaction must be as streamlined and connected as possible.

At Unified Solutions our website design and development process starts by reviewing the entire experience of your customer to gain an understanding of every interactive stage.  From there we delve deeper into their online, cross channel experience optimising every touch point from the minute they search for you to post purchase activity. 

Our decree to every client in the delivery of an exceptional website experience 

We will:

  • Review the online user journey across all digital touchpoints
  • Create customer persona's for every segment identifying key stages of interaction
  • Build website IA that takes the user through a logical journey so they reach their destination with minimal distraction
  • Design a website based on your brand colour palette ensuring it meets visual standards
  • Create a website navigation that's simple and easy to use avoiding unnecessary steps that make your website too complex
  • Work with you to maximise content SEO
  • Ensure your website has a fast download speed with no broken links
  • Deliver a website and all your other business systems are fully integrated
  • Maximise CMS marketing suites so you can offer the very latest in on-site content personalisation so you only offer relevant content and communications
  • Help you to interpret analytics so you can make meaningful decisions for future marketing campaigns

Overall we will deliver a website that provides a unique UX that's consistent and connected across all your digital channels.

If you're interested in finding out more about how we can help improve the online UX, please contact us on 01753 775050 or complete the form below and we'll call you back. 












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