The impact of digitisation on websites.

Posted by Tim Chalklen on 28 September 2015
What impact will advancements in digital technology have on website development? 

Given that we’ve been designing and building websites and Intranets for 20 years we naturally had to ask this question.

Today, we access websites via a multitude of devices - smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, games consoles, Smart TV's, e-readers and portable media players to name but a few; the important point to note is that tone and content of websites across all devices needs to adapt at every single stage of the user  journey in order to add real value.

With the increase in use of
wearable technology such as smartwatches or even virtual or augmented reality devices, relevant content becomes even more important.   We can't just assume these devices will be used purely for games playing or social content and flat web pages will give way to 3 dimensional ones. We therefore have moved from simply designing and building a website for our customers and enabling them to easily manage and publish content to providing the means to publish and deliver content to a whole range of devices, in context with customer needs to hit the nirvana of the delivering the right content at the right time to those who are most receptive.

Some trends end up as merely fads that fade away - but others don’t.  Ultimately whatever digital advancements are ahead, we must think like our customers, communicate and deliver the content they want, in the right way and at just the right time no matter what type of device they use to access it.


Tim Chalklen

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