What’s in a number?

Posted by Andrew Maisey on 26 October 2016

What’s in a number I mused while noting that our most recent website launch for the Electrical Contractors' Association is the 538th unique project delivered by the Professional Services team here in my near 8-year time at Unified Solutions?

Well thanks to our friends at Google I now know that 538 is also the name of a famous US opinion poll analysis, political, economic and sport blogging site, the name of a popular media channel in the Netherlands and on the final page of the results (who ever reads that far…) the product number of a “Classic metal handle pull” – who knew? All of which goes to show that without some form of context, numbers alone don’t mean a whole lot!

In terms of projects delivered by the team, it’s important to explain that not all of them have been for same customer (in fact they are spread across over 100 different ones), that they haven’t all taken the same amount of time (they range from over 250 to just 0.5 days in length) and they weren’t all done by the same people (we tend to have a very stable team but even so over 25 different individuals have been involved in them). All of which is (of course) most interesting but what really matters is that each one – large or small – has needed to be properly understood, defined and agreed with the customer, delivered without error and successfully handed over for use.

We really do have a great team here who make the whole process of turning wishes into reality both repeatable and enjoyable. After all while the Content Management Systems and the solutions they need to integrate with change with the years, the biggest variable in each project remains the people involved. Being able to talk to your chosen implementation partner – and know you have been listened to, to know that they want your project to be as successful as you do, and that they will be with you for the long-run, is I think a key factor in successful solution delivery.

Maybe you could be 539th …?

Andrew Maisey

Andrew Maisey

Andrew Maisey joined Unified Solutions Ltd as Head of Professional Services in 2009. In his role, Andrew owns the safe delivery of all our projects and the support we offer our clients. Andrew is always happy to hear from our clients and if any of them have heard of Rush so much the better.

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