10 top tips for a successful website project

Posted by Mark Underdown on 14 October 2015
Filed under: Strategy, Website

If you are involved in the planning, building or ongoing support of your company’s website you may find these top tips useful. They came from a presentation that a Unified Solutions customer gave at a recent workshop on Digital Maturity. I’ve distilled them down into bite sized chunks but you can rest assured they are sourced from real world experience.
Tip 1

Create a digital strategy for your website that is focussed on:

  • Making money
  • Saving money
  • Improving the customer experience

Tip 2

Invest in a CMS that will meet the short, medium and long term goals and find a development partner that will take the time to get to know your business.

Tip 3

Build a ‘virtual digital team’ across the business to help achieve the overall digital goals.

Tip 4

Content migration always takes much longer than you expect so build plenty of contingency into your plan.

Tip 5

Capture customer insights, analyse them and feed the information back into the business to allow continual improvement and to award kudos where appropriate.  

Tip 6

Forget measuring volume analytics and focus your efforts on calculating the value of each web site visit.

Tip 7

Everything you do, from web pages, data collection and email design, must be mobile optimised.

Tip 8

Content, if relevant and personalised, is still king so ensure it’s at the heart of your communications plan.

Tip 9

The key to long term success is to try, measure and refine. Remember, it’s ok to fail.

Tip 10

Put the customer at the heart of everything you do digitally.

Hopefully these top tips are of some help to you and your website project. If you're interested in expanding any of these tips with Unified Solutions feel free to contact us for a chat.