British Marine go live on Sitecore version 8.2

Posted by Andrew Maisey on 08 November 2017

One of our latest projects has been to help our client British Marine go live on Sitecore v8.2. This project saw our Professional Services team take British Marine’s existing eight Sitecore sites, and migrate the Sitecore functionality from v7.2 to v8.2, refactoring and tuning bespoke integrations with ThankQ CRM, and migrating contacts and campaigns to Sitecore’s new Email eXperience Manager (EXM).

Sitecore version 8.2 builds on the core functionality of the previous version, taking into account feedback from customers, partners and analysts and see's the introduction of some exciting great features both for developers and marketers. Bringing improved reporting and analytics, Sitecore 8.2 adds a higher level of contextual intelligence to data enabling marketing personalisation to be quicker and simpler.  

For our team of developers this upgrade project included changes to the way Sitecore deals with computed fields, ensuring that personalisation features are migrated completely and the steps to make EXM are  configured for optimal performance.

Completed in just under two months, the project involved intensive testing by the British Marine team who can now enjoy the benefits of this new version.


Andrew Maisey

Andrew Maisey

Andrew Maisey joined Unified Solutions Ltd as Head of Professional Services in 2009. In his role, Andrew owns the safe delivery of all our projects and the support we offer our clients. Andrew is always happy to hear from our clients and if any of them have heard of Rush so much the better.

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