Useful website support tips from our developer, Will.

Posted by Will Connell on 08 November 2016

Once a client's website has gone live, we're very hands on in offering continual support and testing ensuring our Freshdesk support portal allows clients to log tickets with ease. 

My role as Website Developer (along with supporting the marketing team by producing blogs of course) also includes working in a first line support role for Unified Solutions, which means I get to work on a whole host of different website, CMS and system integration projects - there's always something new to learn and new technologies to try out.

Here are some of my top tips which can help us to efficiently solve your support ticket if you have raised an issue with us:

1. Give a brief outline of the expected functionality

The person who deals with your support ticket may not have previously worked on your site, or they may be unaware of the details of a particular feature. If you give a brief description of how things are supposed to work, it will minimise the time that needs to be spent tracking down documentation related to the feature, or having to ask the original developer questions about it.

2. A detailed description of the problem, and if at all possible detailed steps to reproduce it

This really helps. As much background to the problem as possible, and precise steps to reproduce it can really speed things up.

3. Tell us which device, operating system and browser you are using

Are you having trouble on an iPad, a phone, a PC or a Mac? Are you using Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Silk etc...? Have you tried it on different machines or web browsers? Does it happen on one device or a number of different devices? Does the problem occur outside your office network?

All useful information!

4. Screenshots

Screenshots that show the whole web browser window can really help, including the address bar. Customers often include screenshots that show only a small section of the browser window. The rest of the web page (including the precise URL of the web page you are on) can provide clues which can help solve the problem.

Hope this helps!  If you're looking to develop a new or upgrade an existing website, why not take time to find out more about our website development process along with some of the work we've done over the years.

Will Connell

Will Connell

Will works with Nigel in supporting our customer base, meaning he has enormous breadth of experience with different CMS products and the solutions we have developed over the years. Will is an extremely focussed and tenacious person who helps to keep our customer base issues in low numbers.

A keen kayaker, international traveller and extreme activities fan, Will’s never standing still for long.

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