The Road to Channel Shift for Housing Associations

Posted by Carol Strachan on 28 February 2017

There’s no doubt we live in a complex world.

The growth of the internet over the past few years has led to a shift in power for customers seeing them become far more informed with access to more technology and communication channels than ever before. Demand too has changed as customers expect products and services to be available 24/7, 365 days a year.

This power shift applies to ALL market sectors, private and public alike.

We’ve already seen many technically savvy housing associations take steps in transferring their services from more traditional channels of communication to the digital domain in an effort to meet customer expectations and drive efficiencies.   But others are just beginning to recognise that simply ‘bolting on’ digital solutions to their existing technology isn’t going to cut it any more.
Having worked with housing associations in the past we understand the pressures and challenges faced by this sector especially in light of the
Governments 1% rental reduction on social housing over the next 4 years and the extension of the Right to Buy scheme to an additional 1.3 million housing association tenants. But this is where effective digital technology comes into its own.  By investing in fully integrated digital systems you can meet your stakeholder expectations by providing them with the means to do just about anything online – whenever and wherever they need to.  And in doing so, you make huge costs savings; a face to face meeting is 2300% more expensive than carrying out the same transaction online.
Becoming more digitally focussed can be a daunting task, but in order to continue operating effectively and provide stakeholders with what they want, moving to digital is a must.   




Carol Strachan

Carol Strachan

Carol joined the Unified team over three and a half years ago and brought with her a wealth of marketing experience gained over the past 20 years.  During her career, Carol has worked on some really exciting campaigns including the launch of 4G with Three and the Transforming Local Infrastructure project back by the Cabinet and supported by the National Lottery.  With Unified, Carol's role is to ensure everyone knows who we are by shouting about us over social media, writing blogs, creating emails and other marketing communication initiatives.  

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