The importance of collaborative working in today’s digital world

Posted by Tim Chalklen, MD Unified Solutions on 05 June 2017

It’s pretty impossible unless you’re a multi-skilled digital agency to offer a one stop shop solution to clients that cover SEO, branding, social media, websites, digital marketing, CRM, platforms, hosting, analytics and so on. Instead, like us many digital agencies are turning to like-minded partners to plug the skills gaps to effectively offer that all in one solution.
Collaborative partnering isn’t a new concept; in order to secure that new digital project we know we can’t go it alone. Gone are the days when a client comes to us and says “We want you to build us a website” with little thought of the why’s and wherefores of who will be landing on it, who will be responsible for updating it and whether it will achieve the organisation’s goals.
Today’s clients want it all – and quite rightly.  After all, it’s their customers who are leading the charge when it comes to what they want to do online and not only that, they want to be able to do with ease, in the least possible time and without too much thought.
At Unified, our skills lie firmly in website design, development and implementation along with mobile app creation and deployment and complete system integration.  These are our strengths and we’re proud of them; always up for a challenge, I’ve yet to see a technical integration or web development project that our team of developers haven’t excelled at.  That’s great, but our collaborative work with partners mean we can offer our clients so much more...
At the start of each project we recognise the vital importance of actually understanding our client’s audience, their behaviours, motivations, interests – essentially why they do what they do on the website.  Knowing this is the foundation of all web design and development projects.  Enter our partner Digital Clarity experts in SEO, PPC, Social and analytics, they really get to the heart of the online audience interpreting data into meaningful insights upon which business decisions can be made.   An award winning agency in their own right, Digital Clarity bring a wealth of digital knowledge and expertise having worked with a plethora of brands from a whole host of market sectors. Using the insight they unearth we then work with the client to shape their customers online journey as they move around not only their website but from channel to channel.    
As a Gold Partner of Kentico, and certified partners of Sitecore and Umbraco we offer clients a choice of suitable platforms which we integrate fully with back office systems to ensure seamless connectivity that allows for the sharing of data thereby giving that all important single view of the customer.   And as these platforms are feature rich we fully exploit their latest marketing capabilities such as marketing automation, personalisation, email marketing, social integration and much, much more.   
Oomi are our newest partner. With the latest version launched in February 2014, this cloud based social CRM brings comprehensive membership and fund-raising functionality specifically designed for membership bodies, charities, Not for Profit organisations and trade associations. For Unified, it addresses the age-old problem of having a disparate website and CRM. With the Oomi & Unified partnership, we can offer a fully integrated website, with self-service functionality built-in, management of events, training, fund-raising, committees, becomes so much easier and delivers a seamless experience for your end users. 
Overall, we never underestimate the importance of working with our partners. They bring extended reach to our brand, enable the sharing of resource, skills and insight and collectively we become a stronger force ensuring we remain competitive and agile in this fast changing digital environment.  Most importantly however our collaboration ensures we deliver an exceptional customer experience across many digital touch points made up of a wide mix of channels and devices. 
We’re always on the lookout for like-minded partners so if you’re a digital marketing or brand agency looking to collaborate on a project then we’d love to hear from you