Cutting through the smoke

Posted by Mark Husband on 19 May 2016

100 years ago this month in May 1916 the British Royal Navy met with the German High Seas fleet in the North Sea at Jutland. This was a pivotal moment in the war at sea during the First World War where two large fleets of the most modern Dreadnoughts of their day finally encountered one another.

It’s a story that has been the subject of dozens of books and much debate, analysed many times over by historians on both sides since.  Then, perhaps just like now communication and good intelligence of your target was the key to success, although back in 1916 the best form of relaying information was by an early form of wireless transmitter, signal lamps or flags.

In 1916 a Wireless transmission took time to reach its intended recipient, often arriving too late to be of influence, signal lamps and flags were limited to the conditions of visibility. This is of course a large over simplification of a hugely complex problem that existed over a vast expanse of the sea. If you then consider the effect of cordite smoke, gun smoke, and the effect of a long line of ships burning vast amounts of coal trailing thick black smoke from their funnel stacks, then effective communication across such a large area of the sea sounds even more difficult…. 



So in the digital cut and thrust of 2016, exactly 100 years later how do we ensure communication to our target audience is reached now? Many organisations are using the internet highway as a means to lay down a foundation and grow a business - but easy mistakes can be made sometimes just as back in 1916, nowadays the smoke of modern commerce can get in your eyes and this too can block your field of vision.     

At Unified our focus is firmly on the needs of your target customers so we make it our mission to really understand who your customers are and their current online experience with you. Through our InSite™ methodology (which we consider to be the closest thing to a guarantee of success of our client’s projects) we go through each step of the digital development process - research, prototyping, implementation and support to deliver a truly outstanding digital solution.

We provide a complete digital package that delivers a consistent, connected and relevant experience for your customers throughout their digital journey across all touch points with you. We work with a select group of technology partners that enables us to deliver cutting edge solutions to our clients. We spend a long time evaluating potential partners before we decide to engage with them and continually review whether they still offer the best option.  Each partner offering is different and we work hard with our clients to find out the best ‘fit’ for a business requirement and what they might to want to deliver to their customers.

So when the smoke clears - you should see a seamlessly integrating web and e-marketing platform helping you to reach your target and keep your business on an even keel.