Top tips on creating a great online user experience that will boost lead generation

Posted by Tim Chalklen on 14 March 2017

No matter what industry sector you’re in, generating more leads is something we’re all keen to do. It stands to reason therefore that creating a great user experience will help boost online conversions as the user builds trust in your brand. Investing a bit of time and effort into even the simplest of changes could have a big impact on the number of leads you gain via your website.

Here’s just a few of my top tips to help you on your way:

  • First and foremost have clear digital objectives that align with your overall business strategy. What are your digital goals? What activities is it you want your website visitors to undertake? Whatever your objectives, make sure they are well defined and measurable
  • Really understand who the ‘user’ is during the early stage of your web development project. Creating persona's that capture stages of the buying decision process will help shape & personalise the users experience while allowing for future lead scoring activities
  • Create an integrated website built on a functionally rich platform that will enable you to track and capture user information as they browse through your site – you’ll be able to measure the user experience making adjustments to help improve each stage of the journey
  • Invest in a web design that is not just creative genius, but has clear navigation making it easier for the user to find what their looking for quickly and effectively. Use engaging images, personalised content tailored to the users’ preferences along with eye catching colours and icons. Don’t forget, by adding a video to your home page you could see an increase in conversion rate of 80%
  • Social media integration is a great way of not only raising awareness of your brand but provides the user with additional options for communicating with you. Ensure your social channels are integrated with your website and online marketing systems enabling you to create targeted campaigns that will have a bigger impact
  • Marketing automation helps to build trust and credibility allowing for regular and relevant updates to be sent directly to the user via their preferred contact method – social media update, text message or email. To really stand out, ensure content delivered in this way is personalised to the user’s needs
  • Set up lead scoring goals so you can target the hottest leads first before focussing on building trust with those who require further engagement. Track visitor actions and give each activity a score based on quality and pertinence of data

Here’s a great video on lead scoring courtesy of our partner Kentico

  • Creating an A/B test on pages that have the highest business value is a great way to find out what customers respond to and whether changing the position, colour or text of a call to action will have a positive or negative impact
  • Ensure consistency of tone and message across all digital touch points; create an experience that your users will expect and not one that will send them in to a state of confusion
  • Deliver an equally good experience across mobile – by that I don’t mean just create a responsive version of your site but rather displaying rendered content and images that can be viewed on a tablet or smart phone while allowing the user to switch seamlessly between digital channels

And a final note - always remember a website should never be the finished article but rather one that evolves as user and business needs change.

Tim Chalklen

Tim Chalklen

As Managing Director of Unified, Tim's passion is making sure the company continually evolves (as it has over the past 20 years) so that it is perfectly positioned to ensure customers realise their full digital potential. From his first programming task on a machine with 8MB memory and five inch floppy disks, Tim has embraced information technology and all the benefits it can bring to our lives. Having witnessed the birth and growth of the internet, Tim will continue to encourage everyone to make the most of the opportunities it brings. 

Outside of work, Tim is an avid chef and often creates culinary delights for his wife and two children.  His Boxer dog Daisy keeps him busy with plenty of walks in between being an active band member of his group "The Occasional Orchestra"

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