Too busy to use your intranet?

Posted by Alexander Dunn on 24 March 2016
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An intranet should be the first thing you open when you log on in the morning, and the last thing you close when you log off. It should be your digital office that gives access to everything you do during your day, not somewhere you visit only when you need something.

So rather than saying you're too busy to use your intranet, what you really mean to say is that it's not fit for purpose.

But it's a pain to log on...

With Kentico's intranet solution you can use the 'Active Directory Import Tool' allowing you to set up regular synchronisation of user accounts and groups from your Active Directory to Kentico. So easy log in and authentication requiring zero effort. Get your IT team to set up the intranet as the opening page on the browser and you're there in one click. Indeed you might want to open it up on login with a welcome screen and a FEW well-chosen starting points:

For example:

  • Recently accessed files
  • New: personal messages / email / forum responses
  • A company twitter or internal news feed
  • A daily employee profile (photo job title and a few words) or colleague commendation to foster team thinking
  • People directory
All our files are 'on the network.'

OK. But how many times have you spent searching around only to then make a call or send an email to someone to find the file you need?  Or maybe you've spent half an hour filling in a form only to find it's been replaced by a new version that's completely different?
A well configured intranet will host all your important forms in one logical place. What's more it will be version controlled; so you can amend and save the form with the old one being archived and disappearing from view.

And if you can't find it?

If you index the right places, the search functionality within Kentico's intranet will bring up the right file whatever its type.
With Kentico's WebDAV functionality, files shared on the intranet can be opened in your favourite office application. The file is edited 'in place' for collaborative working with workflow and versioning ensuring that you can control who has the final say on when a new version is complete.

But we have Sharepoint set up already and use it for certain tasks.

That's fine - with Sharepoint integration in Kentico you can use the stuff that does work and make it look good too!

Oh, and a lot of our staff work on the road or from home sometimes.

Three letters - VPN, the virtual private network. Even when sent to the right email address few emails are encrypted and that’s not even considering those times when a typo sends a critical internal email to a competitor by mistake.  Once your employees have the VPN set up and connected they're working as if they were at their desk. A secure tunnel making their computer a part of your network and the WebDAV integration mentioned above, no sensitive files left on their machine once the session is completed.  No lost USB sticks with sensitive files; no delayed or incorrectly addresses emails; and no forgetting to bring the correct, up to date version that you spent half the night completing.

Anything else?

Well of course another benefit is to take that branding you perfected for your website and placing it throughout the company. This is especially important where your customer service people are sitting down with customers at a screen.

So with Kentico it’s ready to go?

Whilst Kentico has a large selection of out of the box tools to set up an intranet, no solution will be ideal for any organisation out of the box.  With our InSite methodology we can develop an intranet solution that will work for your organisation. Working with the people who will be using the intranet allows us to design it around what they really need, not just what you think they want.

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