Thoughts half way through #TDMF16

Posted by Mark Underdown on 17 March 2016

Today I am attending The Digital Marketing Forum hosted by Richmond Events. In the beautiful surroundings of The Grove Hotel in Watford it’s been an incredibly interesting day so far.

While I’m having a bit of relax before the evening session I’m mulling over what people have told me and thought I would share a common theme I’ve come across.

Supplier meetings to discuss Digital Marketing strategy, products and services

In my meetings today I’ve spoken with people who represent a wide range of organisations from a wide range of industry sectors. The conversations (possibly directed by my questions) have often centred on people’s desire to offer their customers an improved digital experience to increase sales and conversation rates.

Some people are well on the road the doing this. Some people are still at the planning stage. How they plan to approach the challenge is where I’ve seen a common thread as follows:

Step 1: Analytics

There is a rich source of quantitative information that can be gained from their current digital platforms that will give an insight into the current customer experience being provided. Even though their current website might not be delivering what they need the intelligence that can be gained as to the good, the bad and the ugly must not be ignored.

Step 2: Research

Many people agree there is a need to be more customer-centric in the design of the next phase of their digital platform. Internal stakeholder assumptions on your customers’ needs and objectives need to be validated with qualitative research which involves actually talking to your current and prospective customers.

Step 3: Testing

Significant improvements in the digital experience don’t happen overnight. They come about through an iterative trial and error approach where small improvements are implemented, measured and refined. Pareto’s 80/20 law also applies here as 20% of the changes you could make are likely to deliver 80% of the value. So selective improvements based on your qualitative and quantitative research will likely deliver the best results.

Step 4: Personalise

Finally, if it doesn’t take too long to code the rules into your website you should start to offer your customers a personalised experience. How you achieve this is the subject of a wider discussion but if you can glean an understanding of who is visiting your website and why you really should help them achieve their objectives and do business with you.

So these are the thoughts going through my head. There are lots of different suppliers here offering a range of different solutions so I’m sure they all have their own take homes from today’s event.

Anyhow, time for dinner now!

Keynote talk by Rohit Bhargava on predicting trends in digital marketing at The Digital Marketing Forum 2016 at The Grove Hotel