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Posted by Andrew Maisey on 31 March 2016
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I’m not going to make any crude references to pets owned by Mrs Slocombe (if this means nothing to you it could well be another example of my advancing years) but providing our loyal customers with good service is not only the right thing to do but also essential good business practice.

In most areas of life we're happy to regularly change contracts for any of the services we procure for example, our utilities, mode of transport, mobile ‘phone etc. with very little concern. We want the best service. Our definition of “best” varies for the type of service – I always want electricity so the “best” provider is one who can guarantee availability whereas I hope never to need insurance so generally the cheapest will be “best”.  However our decision to go looking for a new best provider is based on our perception of value and service – generally if we are happy with the deal we have we won’t go looking elsewhere unless something else catches our attention appearing to be “better”.

Our customers select Unified Solutions as their Content Managed website solution partner for a whole host of reasons. Some are tangible for example, our company’s longevity, our number of certified developers, the excellent selection of biscuits we offer in meetings… But it is interesting that when we pitch to new potential customers, while we do have to demonstrate in our proposal that we have understood the customer’s requirements and offer financial value, the final decision is always about a face to face meeting, supplemented by a series of existing customer testimonials.

So while our customers need us to demonstrate pre-sales understanding and customer facing negotiating skills, the “best” vendor for the solution is clearly the one who “fits”. We all want to know that when it comes to working together on a project that we can trust and work with the team of individuals on offer. For our customers this means they need to feel they can work with the Unified Solutions team as people who they can both trust to fulfil their roles and with whom they can have effective communication. Our “face” needs to fit. Our task on the other hand is to work with our customers; whoever they are and whatever they need. One of the many enjoyable things about working at Unified Solutions Ltd is that everyone in the team here has the same view of customer service – we want to treat our customers like we’d expect to be treated ourselves. We want to offer superb service – whatever the task – and be the best we can be for the customer. The amount of repeat business we get shows that we must be getting this right! When it comes to being here for our customers we hope we always show that “(we’re) free” – again if that passes you by there is a whole load of dubious 70s Britcom you “need” to watch!

Andrew Maisey

Andrew Maisey

Andrew Maisey joined Unified Solutions Ltd as Head of Professional Services in 2009. In his role, Andrew owns the safe delivery of all our projects and the support we offer our clients. Andrew is always happy to hear from our clients and if any of them have heard of Rush so much the better.

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