How to Drastically Improve Your Website with Google Analytics

A bad website is like a flat tyre, you can’t go anywhere till you fix it.

With the growth of social media channels and content driven marketing, it is sometimes easy to forget a major source of due diligence conducted by prospective customers, your website.

Your website still remains a shop window to the world and more importantly, allows you to showcase why you’re the right fit for a new customer.

When we talk with business owners about their websites, two main issues keep coming up.

1.       Whether customers are engaged with their site and reading their content

2.       They feel it’s not working hard enough for them – not many enquiries or leads.

Both these issues are not uncommon, however what is sometimes overlooked is that these points can be addressed via Google Analytics.

Understand user behaviour, convert more customers

So here are 3 areas where Google Analytics can help

  1. Audit   - Though many sites will have Google Analytics installed, in a very large number of cases, the set up and what the site is counting could be wrong. A thorough Analytics audit allows us to identify issues, set up the account correctly and measure what’s important.

  2. Segment – Website traffic can come from a variety of sources, devices and user types. Setting up segments will help you view the report metrics by relevant data groups, e.g. All traffic from the USA, or all mobile pay per click traffic, meaning you can really start to understand user behaviour.

  3. Best performing pages - Identifying what pages work and equally those that don’t is important for any business. Where do visitors enter the site, which pages do they visit first, the blog page, service page or contact page? How long do they stay on the page and when and where do they drop off?

A good website is measured by a few important elements and understanding those elements is essential to your website’s performance. Google Analytics is a key component to understanding how to turn browsers into buyers.

To learn more about your customer's online behaviour and understand how Google Analytics can positively influence your website, contact us the team at Digital Clarity today on +44 (0)1483 338 270.