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Posted by Tim Chalklen on 23 June 2016

Tim Chalklen, MD of Unified Solutions and his pal Steve, challenged themselves to travel across Europe in true 'Top Gear' style after purchasing cars they hoped would get them from one country to the next.   Sadly Tim's car failed to make it out of the UK but they continued on nonetheless travelling across Europe in Steve's Mazda RX8.

Of course during this time the UK was on the brink of deciding whether to stay or leave the EU ....

Here's Tim's reaction, the morning he discovered the leave result.

"I woke up, somewhat bleary eyed after covering about 2,000 miles across France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy having gone to bed with a prediction that the Remain camp would be victorious. Imagine my surprise when the results were the opposite and we were, narrowly, about to exit the union of European countries, a small number of which I had travelled across in the past 6 days.
Nothing of course had changed in the provincial French town I breakfasted in, although the proprietor of the hotel engaged me in a long conversation about how it would make no difference to “you and I, just ordinary citizens” and this was “all driven by big, fat financiers”. At least, I think that is what he said – I’m still only 5% fluent in French according to DuoLingo. But, I got the gist. I got the message that actually this wouldn’t really change anything for the average man or woman either in the UK or outside of it.
There was a moment of panic when I read up about the sharp drop in exchange rates for the pound before I realised – duh – that actually it meant my Euros were now worth more – happy days …. For a brief moment.
For the remainder of my whirlwind driving tour of Europe, I noticed not a jot of difference in the way we were treated, it was the same friendly and welcoming smiles and excellent food, leaving me fond memories of our friends over the channel and the fervent hope it will be just as easy for my children to, one day, travel around and take in the natural marvels that are on offer outside of the UK as it was for me".

Tim Chalklen

Tim Chalklen

As Managing Director of Unified, Tim's passion is making sure the company continually evolves (as it has over the past 20 years) so that it is perfectly positioned to ensure customers realise their full digital potential. From his first programming task on a machine with 8MB memory and five inch floppy disks, Tim has embraced information technology and all the benefits it can bring to our lives. Having witnessed the birth and growth of the internet, Tim will continue to encourage everyone to make the most of the opportunities it brings. 

Outside of work, Tim is an avid chef and often creates culinary delights for his wife and two children.  His Boxer dog Daisy keeps him busy with plenty of walks in between being an active band member of his group "The Occasional Orchestra"

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