Thoughts from our MD as he travels through Europe

Posted by Tim Chalklen on 23 June 2016

Tim Chalklen and his pal Steve Pearce embarked on a European holiday at the weekend, travelling across Europe in true 'Top Gear' style.  By that I mean they gave themselves a small budget and purchased cars they felt would get them from A to B without too many hitches along the way.  Sadly Tim's Audi TT didn't even make it out of the UK but undeterred they carried on regardless with Steve winning hands down in his Mazda RX8 which has only slightly smoking brakes at their first pit stop....

So while we're all gripped with EU fever back in the UK as we await the EU referendum outcome, here's Tim's thoughts on how Europe is reacting to this (or not as the case may be)...

"During my travels around Europe this week the thing that strikes me most is how little it means to the average person which way the vote will go in the UK's referendum about remaining or leaving the European Union.
Petrol Station attendant, waiter, receptionist, border control, farmer, shop assistant, business owner, home maker, industrialist all share the same good nature across France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland as we have travelled far and wide and I don't think that this human nature will change whether we are in or out of the Euro Club.
As a small business owner in the UK with little business outside of our country, I don't think the decision will have a significant impact whatever way it goes however, what does concern me more is whether those friendly faces of today will look a little more sour should we decide as a nation to stand alone, to isolate ourselves from this fabulous continent that calls itself Europe...

Right, off we go again as Austria beckons."


Tim Chalklen

Tim Chalklen

As Managing Director of Unified, Tim's passion is making sure the company continually evolves (as it has over the past 20 years) so that it is perfectly positioned to ensure customers realise their full digital potential. From his first programming task on a machine with 8MB memory and five inch floppy disks, Tim has embraced information technology and all the benefits it can bring to our lives. Having witnessed the birth and growth of the internet, Tim will continue to encourage everyone to make the most of the opportunities it brings. 

Outside of work, Tim is an avid chef and often creates culinary delights for his wife and two children.  His Boxer dog Daisy keeps him busy with plenty of walks in between being an active band member of his group "The Occasional Orchestra"

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