Your start to better online conversions

A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.

Though this may sound slightly melodramatic, understanding and changing or better still, increasing what you are currently achieving online, can be a detailed process – a journey of sorts.

Our first step in this journey, is to look under the hood or behind the site. In this case, Google Analytics. As in our previous post we have established that Analytics is a key component in our marketing arsenal.

More than a map, it's also a compass that allows us to look back so we can plan forward.

As management guru Peter Drucker said, “What gets measured, gets managed”. Couple this with the issue that over 60% of sites have faults affecting performance, the importance of understating your website performance becomes vitally important.

Quick Wins

Other areas that analytics will show and that can be dealt with include:

  • Is site speed affecting your ranking?
  • Are navigation errors restricting content engagement?
  • Is mobile performance restricting visibility?
  • Are broken links affecting SEO results?

What can be done?

You audit your business, why wouldn’t you audit your site? Without the data to support a decision, too much is being left to opinion and chance. 

Unified Solutions and Digital Clarity are offering a no obligation consultation to discuss how an audit can help you understand your online footprint and be the start to better online conversions.

Don't delay contact:

Fiona Fashanu at Unified Solutions on 01753 775050 or email

or Reggie James at Digital clarity on 01483 338370 or email