How Social Media Can Contribute To An Amazing Customer Experience

Posted by Sandra Christie on 04 July 2016

I know that checking my social feed the first thing in the morning is a habit that I need to kick. A lot of us do the proverbial “yawn-rub eyes-unlock phone” routine. Why? Because there’s something innately gratifying about a like here, a favorite there that sends a subliminal “It’s gonna be a great day!” message to our brain.
Alright, so imagine that one day, you wake up to your favorite brand sharing your picture on their feed. That has to be one of the high points of the day, right?
Companies have begun to tap into the “gratification market” of their consumers. And what better way to do this than on social media.
Social media has grown from just being a tool people use to keep in touch to being a multi-environment marketing platform that is used to market anything from chocolates to space holidays. There are an estimated 2.3 billion users who log on to their social media platform of choice every day. To put this into some sort of perspective, China has a population of 1.38 billion.
This article will talk about how effectively you can gain traffic and prospective clients using simple methods that are effective. You can find more statistics in detail when you look at the iDigic social media for business infographic. It looks pretty neat and has a boot load of information as well.
Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

#1 Be Responsive

Everyone wants their brand to cater to them round-the-clock and even on Sundays. This was probably impossible earlier, but since the advent of social media, things have just become that much more accessible. There are a lot of brands out there that are “social media active” and their customers just can’t get enough of them.
Our example today would be Jet Blue. Unsurprisingly, this airline has been in the headline many a time for being ultra-responsive when it comes down to customer interaction. Let’s take a small example.
JetBlue’s ultra-responsive social feed
Birds fly, horses neigh and flights get delayed. This is a rule of life. Ryan, who was flying Jet Blue that day, complained that his flight was delayed on their Twitter feed. Immediately, they responded with a request for his flight number and gave him an approximate ETA. A lot of brands have picked this up now, but still, Jet Blue has to be lauded for starting something revolutionary.

#2 Remember To Say Thanks

There are several brands out there that promote user-generated content on their social media profiles. This is a mutually beneficial arrangement as the brand gets content while the users feel empowered. The key is not to just keep “stealing” their work indiscriminately, but give them credit when it’s due.
Shane Bennett wanted a flagship S3 mobile device from Samsung. What did he do? He shot off a mail to the company requesting that they send him one. He also doodled the image of a dragon on the email. The kind folks at Samsung Canada sent back an equally witty reply saying that they couldn’t with the picture of a unicycling kangaroo.
Shane’s message to Samsung Canada and their reply
That’s not the end of the story, though. When Shane, an active Redditor, shared this on this feed, it went viral and Samsung lapped up all that free publicity. But, they never forgot to thank Shane. They sent him a customized Samsung Galaxy S3 complete with his dragon embellished on the phone and matching wallpaper as well. Pretty awesome!
Samsung’s Shane-Dragon custom Galaxy S3Even has a custom wallpaper!

#3 Follower at 12’o Clock! Engaging!

Engagement is a huge part of what makes brands endearing to followers and potential customers. There are several ways which you can do that as exhibited by several brands over the years like:

#CokeGames – Ice Cube Ski Jump

Re-enact your The Eagle moment
This campaign was timed perfectly with the Sochi Olympics and Coca-Cola put a super creative spin on it. They were giving out gift cards for as much as $100 to people who were up for Ice Cube Ski Jump, Bottle Cap Hockey, and Coke Curling. Needless to say, it went viral and droves of people shared creative videos of how they accomplished these silly feats.

Humans of New York – Tell A Story

Most intriguing
Nary has a post gone by without mentioning this uber-successful social media campaign and for good reason. This stands out as an example that as humans, we love stories. Meaningful glimpses into how a fellow human being is doing in the same bustling city as you are proved to be a huge hit! This is an engagement model that most brands strive to achieve.

GoPro’s Skateboarding Cat – Be A HeroCat

Be A HeroCat
Cats and skateboards. The only thing they have in common is that the internet is in love with them. Videos of cute cats doing human-stuff get shared around like nobody’s business. Add skateboarding to the mix and you’ve got yourself a surefire method to get around the interwebs onto everyone’s feed. It also helps that the videos by themselves are really cute and funny.


Every brand is looking for the perfect way to get the most out of their social feed when it comes to customer experience. There are bold and innovative campaigns that come out every day which is aimed at getting people more involved with their favorite brands. The evolution of social media platforms into a complete user experience is only getting faster.
Read up about what people in your niche are doing and come up with something creative that you can use for your engagement campaigns. And who knows, maybe your campaign will be the one we all talk about in years to come!