Only 8% of us will actually keep to our new years resolutions...

Posted by Carol Strachan on 09 January 2017

It's that time of year again where, full of optimism and energy, we sit down and plan all the things we aim to achieve for the forthcoming 12 months - completing dry January, getting fit & healthy or simply being much more sociable.  

Sadly as only 8% of us will actually keep to our new years resolutions - my theory is that we put too much pressure on ourselves to change too much too soon and it becomes overwhelming and we then just decide to give up.  

If this is how we deal with our own personal development how do we manage what's happening within our organisation?  With more or less desire to improve?

Put this in the context of your business and consider this;

In the last 15 years, 53 % of the Fortune 500 companies have disappeared...

Why?  There will be many reasons for this but the unwillingness or inability to change will, I'm sure, be at the heart of the problem.

As we've written about previously never has the need for a good, up to date website been more important.  So we urge you to take a long hard (and honest) look at your website and ask;

  • Is it fit for purpose?
  • Does it give your customer the best possible user experience?
  • Could it do with a fresh look / re-style?
  • Is it performing at 100%?
  • Is it fully integrated with all your other office systems such as your CRM or CMS
  • Could it do with a bit of investment?

If, as we suspect, there is room for improvement we're here to help - just a click away. And you don't have to sign up for 12 months or even get on the scales.

Let us help you make 2017 a really great year for your customers and your business.