System integration makes good business sense...and here's why.

Posted by Will Connell on 19 January 2017

System integration is the process of bringing different systems (such as a website and a CRM) together so that they work effectively as a single system.

For many organisations who have grown organically, having a completely integrated system can be one big headache - too often we see clients come to us with siloed technology and a confused mix of solutions that simply don't talk to each other.

There are clear benefits of integrating your different web, office and management systems. Here's are a few to whet your appetite;  

  • Integrating your website with your CRM means less time and effort entering customer details into your CRM. Furthermore, combining marketing automation software enables you to use that valuable data captured from your customers website activity to make future predictions as to their behaviour, potentially opening up new revenue opportunities

  • Enabling legacy systems to function seamlessly with newer systems can increase productivity.

  • Reduced need to train users to use a number of different systems.

  • The risk of data duplication is reduced.

  • Integrating websites with third party systems such as payment gateways via their APIs can add valuable additional functionality to your website.

At Unified solutions, we have a great deal of experience integrating websites with systems such as CRMs, online payment systems and various third party APIs.

Will Connell

Will Connell

Will works with Nigel in supporting our customer base, meaning he has enormous breadth of experience with different CMS products and the solutions we have developed over the years. Will is an extremely focussed and tenacious person who helps to keep our customer base issues in low numbers.

A keen kayaker, international traveller and extreme activities fan, Will’s never standing still for long.

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