Community is alive!

Posted by Tim Chalklen on 20 January 2016

Late last year we carried out a series of workshops aimed at getting feedback on proposed navigation for a new client website for AmicusHorizon. Whilst this is standard practice, part of our successful InSite methodology for user-centric design, what really struck me on this particular occasion was the sense of community during these sessions.

Bearing in mind the very diverse backgrounds that our participants came from, the ease with which they settled into the task, sparked up conversations and helped each other with logging on, sharing anecdotes about their experience with AmicusHorizon was very refreshing to see.

With the constant barrage of news about community breakdown, isolation, everyone apparently self-centred and interested only in themselves, my spirits have truly been lifted this week; not just because we've got some really great feedback from the workshops to help shape the new navigation, but primarily because I got to see first hand how us human beings can truly live in a community spirit.

I know there have been plenty of examples (one of my favourites being the Casserole Club) where people are clearly willing and able to help others in their local community, but to see it first hand is enlightening.

So, thanks once again to all of the people who came along to our workshops in Croydon, Battle and Sittingbourne. I hope you got as much out of the time spent together as I did.....


Tim Chalklen

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