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Posted by Carol Strachan on 21 February 2018

As a website development and systems integration team we know only too well that when selecting or upgrading to a new content management solution it’s important you do your homework.  Take time to research whether the new system will offer the features and benefits your business and customers need.   Does the CMS vendor provide the level of technical support and training you require and importantly, is the solution scalable enough so it grows with your organisation?

The latter is an important point; as market conditions change alongside evolving business objectives so the solution needs to adapt accordingly.  Therefore, in addition to understanding scalability you also need to be mindful of the vendors’ history and their ability to keep up to date with the latest in technological trends.  Ask yourself “what is the vendors’ road map and product vision and do they have a healthy future?”

Let’s take a look.

The Kentico Vision: Integrated Marketing Solution

Kentico believe that "digital marketing success should reflect the quality of your offering, not the technology you can afford".  They’re on a mission to "democratise digital marketing so that any business, regardless of size or budget can make the most of new opportunities – it’s at the heart of Kentico’s philosophy of delivering Right-First-Time technology".

How will they achieve this?

  • By ensuring a major release every 12-18 months.  Version 12 is due out in November 2018
  • By offering a superior user experience ensuring all users can utilise their tools without the need for extensive training
  • By continually enhancing native solutions so they cover all customer needs
  • By providing a healthy ecosystem of technology partners alongside the Kentico App store supporting clients so they get the most from their ‘out of the box’ solution or with extra add-ons
  • By ensuring Kentico is easily integrated with native connectors for the main CRM, ERP systems and marketing tools
  • By supporting developers with powerful and flexible MS.Net technology

Looking to Kentico version 12

So what can we expect with version 12 of this powerful all in one solution?

  • There will a better authoring experience that will help marketers transform the way they work with content via an MVC (model view controller) widget based visual page builder
  • Version 12 will also offer a native support ASP.NET core MVC application development that will allow a new wave of MVC project development on the platform.

If you’re in the process of upgrading your CMS solution but unsure which would be best suited to your organisation and customer, Contact Us today where one of our team will be on hand to help answer your questions.

Carol Strachan

Carol Strachan

Carol joined the Unified team over three and a half years ago and brought with her a wealth of marketing experience gained over the past 20 years.  During her career, Carol has worked on some really exciting campaigns including the launch of 4G with Three and the Transforming Local Infrastructure project back by the Cabinet and supported by the National Lottery.  With Unified, Carol's role is to ensure everyone knows who we are by shouting about us over social media, writing blogs, creating emails and other marketing communication initiatives.  

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