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Posted by James Brett on 21 February 2017

Make sure you interact with customers across multiple channels. Companies with the strongest omni-channel customer engagement strategies retain an average of 89% of their customers compared to 33% of companies with weak omni-channel strategies*

Social media always used to be reserved for internet hungry youngsters but with close to 3 quarters of people now using Facebook for professional purposes shouldn't the business world take heed and start to use these platforms more effectively.

Most B2B websites will have some form of social interaction but this may just be as little as the latest tweets when companies should be tweeting about new business successes or new products arrivals. Using CMS's like Sitecore and Kentico users that click on these links can be tracked and offered different promotions or assigned goals for future use, likes and shares can also be tracked. Content authors can then examine these behaviours to provide better content in the future rather than the site laying static.

All in all companies need to take notice of how the content is being digested as gone are the days when everyone just sat in front of a computer to view the internet.

For further statistics check out:

(Source*: Aberdeen Group Inc)

James Brett

James Brett

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