Contextualisation is the key to delivering powerful digital experiences for members

Posted by Tim Chalklen on 14 February 2017

In our previous Memberwise guest blog 'Get personal with members' we spoke about how personalising the member's online experience will make them feel valued while helping to build and maintain brand loyalty. This blog takes you to the next level of personalisation throwing 'contextualisation' into the mix.

As a membership organisation, you’ll already have a great deal of information about your members; details captured when they initially signed up with you that allows for some form of digital personalisation such as displaying only the most relevant web content or sending more personal emails.

Contextualisation however takes this a stage further by combining data from all the interactions your member has had across numerous channels which then enables you to deliver highly tailored experiences in a much smarter and more effective way.

Imagine combining your member's location, area of expertise and educational milestones to send notifications via the most appropriate digital channel about a forthcoming seminar or event that you know will be of real interest to them. And not only that, equipping them with the tools to share this information with like-minded peers. 

Contextualisation therefore enables you to determine not just what content your member has engaged with but when and why they did so.  Generating a rich, integrated member profile through the capture and storage of behavioural, demographic and other situational data can then be used to recommend content and provide personalised calls to action to each individual enhancing their experience, keeping them engaged and improving overall member retention levels.

Next steps?
Combining this huge wealth of data is no mean task and in order to do it efficiently it's vital for all your business systems to be completely integrated. This includes your CRM, CMS, marketing automation tools, email marketing, member management solution, e-commerce along with all other digital and non-digital touch-points - website, social media, call centres, stores and so on.  By combining data into a single repository allows you to build a rich picture of member needs - essentially gaining a 360 degree view upon which future predictive marketing campaigns can be based.

Tim Chalklen

Tim Chalklen

As Managing Director of Unified, Tim's passion is making sure the company continually evolves (as it has over the past 20 years) so that it is perfectly positioned to ensure customers realise their full digital potential. From his first programming task on a machine with 8MB memory and five inch floppy disks, Tim has embraced information technology and all the benefits it can bring to our lives. Having witnessed the birth and growth of the internet, Tim will continue to encourage everyone to make the most of the opportunities it brings. 

Outside of work, Tim is an avid chef and often creates culinary delights for his wife and two children.  His Boxer dog Daisy keeps him busy with plenty of walks in between being an active band member of his group "The Occasional Orchestra"

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