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Posted by Tim Chalklen on 09 February 2015

I was invited to the recent J.Boye UK-IE Kentico partner meeting and really had no idea what to expect. It made sense at the time to get out the night before to Dublin and spend some social time with other Kentico partners but the inevitable British Airways delays did make me wonder if it was worth it. 

Fortunately, our hosts - I3 digital - and a number of other partners who'd flown in that night along with Janus himself made sure that the evening (and early morning) was time well spent as we caught up on all things digital, sampled some Guiness (when in Rome...) and enjoyed the friendly hospitality that Ireland is famous for.

Come the day of the gathering itself and time flew by as other partners presented their experience of delivering successful projects on Kentico. Not to say that it was always easy and a common thread emerged which was the reluctance of many clients to engage in up-front requirements gathering and consultancy before asking agencies to pitch and start building a solution. This has always been a major bug-bear of mine - I still find it amazing that customers think that they can issue a brief with very limited detail and then expect agencies to respond in full detail and more importantly commit to a budget. Maybe if we all took a decision to refuse to bid unless there was some decent up-front requirements definition then it would change the whole dynamic. Of course, that won't happen because there will always be someone willing to take a punt to win the business...

Which brings me on to the fact that in this competitive and sometimes ruthless world it is such a refreshing change to meet up with a bunch of people who are genuinely interested in helping each other. Whether this be through the medium of what I think we might call DAA - Digital Agencies Anonymous - or through sharing hints and tips on how to deal with a wide variety of project issues and challenges, there's a great deal to learn from our Kentico partners.

Thanks to Janus for keeping us all in order (most of the time) and I'm looking forward to the next meeting in March...


Tim Chalklen

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