UK Clinical Pharmacy Association launch new website on Kentico version 10

Posted by Andrew Maisey on 06 April 2017

UK Clinical Pharmacy Association (UKCPA) have worked with Unified Solutions to implement a replacement members-only area based on Kentico version 10.

The site at exploits 'out of the box' Kentico forums re skinned to match the brand of the new website and to customise the functionality. Members of UKCPA gain access to the site when they join and use their e-mail addresses to log into the members-only area. They are then able to join one or more groups set up by UKCPA; each group comprises one or more forums.

The membership database was imported into Kentico by Unified Solutions and UKCPA will be managing their members via Kentico. Mails from the site are sent using SendGrid,  UKCPA see this very much as the first step in implementing and utilising Kentico in their organisation.

Kentico’s Forums module enables your visitors to participate in discussions, share opinions, give feedback, or get help from other users. Online forums also create an environment for peer-to-peer help and knowledge sharing, lowering the number of support calls.

For further information on Kentico Forums click here.

Andrew Maisey

Andrew Maisey

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